To file a copyright infringement claim, please ensure that your claim includes the following components:

  • Give proof that the individual claiming to represent the owner of the allegedly violated exclusive right is allowed to do so.
  • Please provide us with accurate contact information so we can reach you. Include a working email address as well.
  • Give the link(s) where they are claimed to have violated the law(s).
  • The allegedly infringed-upon copyrighted work must be sufficiently identified.
  • An explanation of the complaining party’s good faith conviction that the use of the item in question is illegal according to the law or the copyright owner’s agent.
  • A declaration that the details in the notification are true and, under pain of perjury, that the complaining party has the right to speak on behalf of the holder of the allegedly violated exclusive right.
  • A statement indicating that the allegedly copyrighted item was discovered via a link on our website and that it has full disclosure and authorization from the copyright owners.

Please allow 2-4 business days for a response. If you think this information belongs to you, feel free to contact us.