How do you get an Elite Pass in Free Fire in 2024?

Free Fire, a massively popular battle royale game with millions of users, introduces the Elite Pass feature. The Elite Pass grants exclusive rewards to players, including outfits, weapon skins, and emotes. 

To obtain the Elite Pass, players need to purchase it using in-game currency, such as diamonds. This limited-time feature enhances the gaming experience and adds uniqueness to the gameplay. Stay tuned for an exploration of what the Elite Pass entails and how you can acquire it.

Understanding the Free Fire Elite Pass

In Free Fire, players can purchase the Elite Pass using diamonds. By obtaining the Elite Pass, players can unlock additional rewards. Players must collect badges in Free Fire throughout each season to unlock prizes. 

The Elite Pass offers more opportunities to earn badges. Once you have the Elite Pass, you can unlock attractive bundles, backpack skins, vehicle skins, and more, surpassing what is available with the Free Pass. Enjoy the unique hide-and-seek system in Free Fire and take advantage of the Elite Pass to acquire exclusive rewards.

Understanding the Elite Bundle in Free Fire

Many players are often curious about high-end bikes and passages, including selected bundles and distinct corridors, each with varying prices. To obtain the high-end elite bundle, approximately 500 diamonds are required. In contrast, acquiring the elite bundle requires around 1000 diamonds.

The Elite Bundle encompasses everything that can be obtained through the Elite Pass, along with other impressive rewards. On the other hand, unlocking those rewards comes with obtaining the Elite Pass itself, which necessitates collecting badges.

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Adding Badges in Free Fire

A badge is important when playing Free Fire games, whether you have the Elite Pass or not. Badges can be used to earn prizes, and numerous in-game missions help you increase your badge count. As you accumulate more badges, you unlock additional rewards, opening up exciting opportunities in the game. Embrace the significance of badges in Free Fire and enjoy the perks and rewards they bring.

How do you get an Elite Pass in Free Fire in 2024?

Free Fire experienced significant changes with the OB37 update in November 2022. Alongside this update, they announced that the December 2022 Elite Pass would mark the final one in Free Fire’s history. However, they also introduced a new feature known as the Booyah Pass, which can be observed within the game.

As a result of discontinuing the Free Fire Elite Pass system, there are now only three means to acquire the Free Fire Elite Pass: through the Booyah Pass, Luck Royale, and Special Events. It’s important to note that obtaining an Elite Pass will not grant access to all the rewards available; instead, you will primarily receive exclusive featured items such as bundles or skins.

Exploring the Top Three Ways in Free Fire

1. Booyah Pass

Say hello to the Booyah Pass, the fresh and exciting way to obtain rewards previously exclusive to the Elite Pass. This monthly feature operates similarly to the old Elite Pass, offering in-game missions that, once completed, unlock a range of enticing rewards. Moreover, Garena occasionally includes rare bundles, elite pass items (even from Season 1), and exclusive items from past Elite Passes as ultra-rare drops within the Booyah Pass. This means you can obtain those coveted Elite Pass items better. Remember that associated costs may be involved, but the rewards are well worth it!

2. Luck Royale

Another exciting avenue to acquire Elite Pass rewards in 2023 is through Luck Royale events like Ultimate Recruit and Hall of Elites. These events occur once or twice a year, allowing players to test their luck. In Luck Royale, you can participate by spending a small number of diamonds, usually around 30-50 diamonds for a single spin or approximately 400-600 for 11 spins.

While winning rewards are not guaranteed with each spin, your chances of obtaining rare items improve with each subsequent spin. It proves advantageous to spin multiple times, increasing your odds of securing those coveted and exclusive items within the Elite Pass. Embrace the excitement of Luck Royale and embark on a quest to win remarkable rewards in your Free Fire journey.

3. Special Events

Garena presents a wide array of in-game events, available on various occasions, that offer both paid and free participation options. During the free events, you can complete in-game tasks to obtain the Elite Pass in Free Fire without needing diamonds. 

On the other hand, paid events provide the opportunity to spend diamonds and acquire exclusive rewards. Whether you choose to participate in the free events or invest in the paid ones, these in-game events are a fantastic way to enjoy exciting challenges, earn valuable rewards, and progress towards obtaining the prestigious Elite Pass in Free Fire. Stay tuned for the diverse range of events organized by Garena, and seize the chance to enhance your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

The Booyah Pass is a new feature introduced in Free Fire that allows players to obtain exclusive rewards and items previously available in the Elite Pass.

Can I still get Elite Pass items in Free Fire after discontinuing the Elite Pass system?

Yes, you can still acquire Elite Pass items through the Booyah Pass, Luck Royale events, and in-game events organized by Garena.

How can I obtain the Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

The Booyah Pass can be obtained by participating in missions and completing in-game tasks. It is available within the game and requires active participation to unlock exclusive rewards.

Are all the Elite Pass rewards available in the Booyah Pass?

While the Booyah Pass offers an opportunity to obtain some Elite Pass items, not all rewards from the Elite Pass will be available. It primarily focuses on providing exclusive featured items and bundles.

Can I get Elite Pass items without spending diamonds in Free Fire?

Yes, you can acquire Elite Pass items without spending diamonds by participating in free events, completing in-game tasks, or successfully spinning the Luck Royale.

How can I stay updated on the latest Elite Pass and reward-related information?

Stay updated by checking the in-game Booyah Pass section and following official Free Fire social media accounts for quick updates.

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In 2023, the Booyah Pass takes center stage as the primary method to obtain Elite Pass items, as emphasized by Garena. They have mentioned that a majority of these items can be obtained as rare drops within the Booyah Pass. To stay updated on the available rewards, make sure to check the Booyah Pass section in the game regularly.

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