How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire provides an engaging Battle Royale experience for players and offers a wide array of in-game collectibles such as item skins, costumes, and cosmetics. These items can greatly enhance your character’s appearance and style during matches.

However, most of these premium in-game items come at a cost and require the purchase of diamonds using real money. Diamonds are the virtual currency in Garena’s survival shooter and are available at various prices.

Fortunately, alternative methods are available to acquire diamonds without spending real money. This guide will explore these methods and help you obtain free diamonds to enhance your Free Fire gaming experience.

Explore Different Methods to Obtain Free Fire Diamonds for Free

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1. Using Google Opinion Rewards to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey application provided by the tech giant that allows players to boost their Google Play Balance. This application offers a highly effective approach to acquiring free diamonds in the game, providing the chance to earn additional Google Play Cash for various in-app purchases.All players need to do is participate in surveys or share their opinions on various topics.

The surveys are generated irregularly but offer cash rewards each time. Google Opinion Rewards utilizes data collected from other Google apps to tailor surveys based on users’ browsing or travel history. Frequent travelers may receive surveys more often compared to others.

In contrast to other GPT (Get Paid To) apps, Google Opinion Rewards provides added convenience by allowing players to use the Play Balance directly in Free Fire without the need for redemption. While the surveys may be inconsistent, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the top methods to acquire free diamonds effortlessly, without any additional hassle.

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2.Free Diamonds through Redemption Codes

To easily acquire free diamonds in Free Fire, take advantage of redemption codes regularly shared by Garena during events and esports tournaments. Once you obtain a redemption code, follow these straightforward steps to claim your Free Fire diamonds:

  1. To begin the process, open your web browser and navigate to the official Free Fire Rewards redemption website.
  2. Next, choose your preferred social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID, and proceed to sign in to the Free Fire Rewards redemption website.
  3. After logging in, enter your redemption code into the specified field and click the Confirm button. Once you have successfully completed the redemption process and within 24 hours, your rewards will be credited to your account.

3.Garena’s Android App and Booyah

Garena offers a dedicated Android app to find content related to their games, including Free Fire and Free Fire Max. 

By downloading this app from the provided link (, you can participate in events specifically designed for Free Fire.

You can obtain free diamonds for Free Fire if you actively use the Booyah app and Google Opinion Rewards. Occasionally, redeemable codes are dropped on the Booyah app, which can be used to earn a noticeable amount of diamonds. Although more than this may be needed to acquire skins frequently, it is a great starting point for collecting diamonds.

4. Earning Free Diamonds with Poll Pay in Free Fire

Poll Pay is a user-friendly app that offers a similar experience to the Google Survey Monitor app. Users can earn free diamonds for Free Fire or Free Fire Max by completing tasks and quizzes within the app. These earned diamonds can be converted into cash rewards, which can then be transferred to their Google Play balance or iTunes gift card.

It is important to remember that Free Fire transactions cannot be processed through the Apple App Store. iPhone users cannot use iTunes gift cards to purchase diamonds.

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5. Earning Rewards for Free Fire Diamonds with GPT Applications

Various GPT applications and websites allow players to earn rewards such as virtual money, gift cards, and coupons by completing specific tasks. Tasks can range from playing games and taking surveys to claiming shopping benefits and watching videos. These rewards include cash benefits or gift cards for platforms like Amazon, PayPal, Google Play, iTunes Store, etc.

Once players have accumulated gift cards or virtual cards, some can be redeemed as Google Play Credits in the Google Play Store. With these credits, players can make in-app purchases, including purchasing diamonds in Free Fire. Popular GPT applications to consider for earning cash benefits or gift cards include Swagbucks, PollPe, Easy Rewards, Zupee, and more.

However, players must review the “Data Safety” and “About This App” sections on the Google Play Store before installing any application. It is crucial to ensure the safety of their data and only proceed after confirming their comfort with sharing data with the respective applications.


From my extensive research, the apps mentioned above are reliable and trustworthy. However, it is recommended that you verify their credibility before using them. Remember, there is no need to spend real money on fancy items in mobile games. Instead, you can explore free apps that allow you to earn diamonds within the game. Utilizing these free options can enhance your gaming experience without any financial burden.

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